All the past years have been one great challenge and opportunity to adapt to change. The company continued to face challenges everyday as there is no lagging in growth of the logistics sector.

Few strategies have been implied to bring the company into the current era where logistics have taken a new step into the expansion of our countries economy. The logistics have been perceived as an important business that every other company relies upon. Through these and other initiatives, POLAAMAS is moving forward with brighter prospects.

Currently the company has secured many customers to whom we provide distribution services and will continue to venture, new and better ways to please these customers and to our potential customers.

I believe with the current, strong human resource working as a coherent team, POLAAMAS is well positioned to take full advantage of this business opportunity. I am confident that POLAAMAS's performance in its expanding transportation business will succeed in every undertaking.

MR. SIMON RAJ - Director

  • To introduce POLAAMAS as the chosen lead logistics provider.
  • To provide information and advice in the key business areas of the Total Logistics / Supply Chain Management.
  • To integrate Multi-Model Transportation ,procurement, Hub Management, Inventory Management, Delivery Schedule Management, Picking/Packing & Distribution to clients utilizing IT Technology for Mutual Benefit and Cost Effectiveness.
  • To Maintain Data and Trends for Analysis to be feedback to Client for Business Decision
  • To establish and provide KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) as feedback for monitoring of performance

POLAAMAS was established in 2012 as a service company focused towards domestic road transport. It was founded by Director, Mr. Simon Raj. With excellent infrastructure and strategic location, the company has developed into a respectable distributors and a provider of diverse range of logistic services. The Company owned a fleet of 25 Lories and over 30 employees.

At POLAAMAS, we firmly believe that professionalism and customer satisfaction is the core of a successful business. POLAAMAS offers a comprehensive service of excellence in meeting the customer's requirements by developing tailor made solutions. These solutions are incorporated with procedures, which are being carried out to high service levels and they underpin POLAAMAS's reputation for commitment to quality. Our staff - from our drivers on the road, to our team in the office, will always be available to assist you with the quick and accurate response. You'll always find the same uncompromising level of service across the board. And you'll find it in a familiar face, or a friendly voice.

With our extensive business and technology strategies, we have a solid foundation to reinforce POLAAMAS's nationwide operation and competitiveness for accomplishing its goals and vision.

As the demand for the total logistics solution increases, our vision is to become a leader in "Your Total Logistic Solution Provider", not only in Malaysia but also in the Asian Region. Thus, we are committed to developing, maintaining and strengthening our current positions and new markets, focusing on:

  • Distribution throughout the Peninsular Malaysia
  • Business-to-Business Freight Transaction, Out Bound and In Bound, domestic and global.
  • Air Freight, Sea Freight and Custom Brokerage.

The solutions we offer are in line with industry developments and we will continuously strive to provide cost effective customized solutions and other value added services. POLAAMAS understands and appreciates that instant access to information is as important to our customers as reliable time definite transportation. We are therefore, committed to:

  • Investing in information technology to support our customers supply chains and information needs.
  • Improving our communication, efficiency and services within our company.

We at POLAAMAS have achieved a level of corporate growth and we take special pride in the knowledge that our approach, innovation and commitment, to doing the simple thing uncommonly well, have benefited our customers over the years. We recognize that we must maintain our position by staying in the forefront of technological development, by wise investment and by continuing to provide the same quality of service and satisfaction in the future.

At POLAAMAS, we are prepared for the developing challenges of the 21st Century, by re-affirming our original aim to meet the demanding requirements of our current and future customers. Thus, we strive to provide the following in order to ensure our continuous growth in this field:

  • For each customer, a tailor made cost effective solution and customized service that would meet their level expectation.
  • High quality and cost effective services and products.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Immediate confirmation (within 2 days) for goods delivered and quick turnaround (within 5 days) for documentation (to show proof of delivery).
  • Continuously innovate and upgrade our services and products to provide the highest customer satisfaction.
  • Technologically implement solutions such that our service level could be enhanced to provide value added services to our customers. These solutions will not only meet the demanding requirements of our current and future customers but also allow the smooth facilitation of the following:
    • Polaamas and Customers can get instant access to information about their orders and status.
    • Support the customer supply chain requirements via on time information.
  • Creating a smart partnership with our customer's so that we could grow together into the future.

The secret to our success has been our customized services to fit the needs of our customers, whatever the size. To us no account is too small. In fact we take pride in stating that we have customers that have been with us from the beginning and have grown with us. They have benefited from our success as we have from theirs, a smart partnership.

POLAAMAS is becoming a reliable name in the logistic industry in Malaysia with a high reputation for it's:


As you get to know our Company, we hope you'll soon see what truly sets us apart from other logistic providers.